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Introducing the Muscle & Joint Pain Roller, a total pain-relieving experience, only $14.99


Introducing Motor Oil XL, five times as much Motor Oil as a regular bottle for an introductory price of only $99



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Top Sellers 2: Butt Bundle!


Uncle Herb's Specialty Teas - Sleepytime Blend

Muscle & Joint Pain Roller


Contains 225 mg of THC + Eucalyptus Globulus, Rosemary, Camphor and Cajeput essential oils for the ultimate pain relieving experience.

Made with ACDC, a strain of cannabis known for its pain relief qualities.

Motor Oil XL


Five times as much Motor Oil as a regular bottle, for a total of 1300 mg of THC


So, when I say Bottoms Up is life changing, I mean it.

In August, I began a journey of change. I started taking T blockers and doing twice a month E injections.

I’m an AMAB (assigned male at birth) and I identify as gender fluid.

The point of me telling you this, is that the T blockers lower my sex drive and make it difficult for me to bring myself to orgasm. And even when I do orgasm, it’s very lackluster from what I used to be able to do. In the past, I could bring myself to climax dry handed in minutes; now I won’t get an erection unless I try.

Then, I discover Topher Drew and his shameless plugs (before he was a part of the company) and he and I talked about the benefits of the THC lube. I was a bit hesitant at first, sending my money to some randos in Canada, but I talked with Troy for a bit, made a great friend, and we worked it out.

I got my order of THC Motor Oil in. Oh My GODDESS.

First things first, I can not stand a sticky lube, and M.O. will NEVER leave you sticky handed. It’s very clean, stays moist for a while, and keeps things moving. Next up, the things it makes you feel. Wow, wow, wow. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not feeling it right away, it takes a few minutes. So get comfy and rub some wherever you’ll be playing, then eat a snack, watch some YouTube, or some Topher Drew Twitter. Lol

Anyway, once it soaks in, it kicks things into overdrive. It’s almost an otherworldly experience. Things are tingly, things are pulsing, toes are curling, moans are more primal than ever!


TLDR; buy this product. 10s across the board. Shantay you stay!

~ Holly Mayeux

The THC Motor Oil has literally blown my mind! These products are long lasting and you need to try them! I highly suggest the Motor Oil.

~ Bry Guy

These products have literally saved my lady bits.

I get a lot of discomfort during intimate moments, and this lube not only keeps things going smoothly, but it also relieves any discomfort! I’m floored.

The Chocolate Body Pen tastes like guy loves that I love it! ๐Ÿฅฐ haha And the Love Potion Massage Roller...well, first of all, since we’re already drawing on each other and have the lube, sexy massages are a must, but he rolls it on, and I’m actually getting pain relief from my back injuries from a car accident SIMULTANEOUSLY while doing the deed! 

I love these products and I love the professionalism and sincerity of the creators.

~ Marianna Nagy