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Breakfast Tea

Breakfast Tea


Experience our signature Breakfast Tea! 

This is a limited time offer, as we have a very limited stock of this product. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Out of Stock
  • Price In American Dollars

    $15 = ~$11.87 in American Dollars

  • Currency Conversion

    All prices are listed in CANADIAN DOLLARS, so if you're purchasing in American Dollars, your items are cheaper than you think.

    The conversion rate is 1 CAD = .74 USD, so you're paying roughly 3/4 of the dollar amount listed.

  • How to Use Breakfast Tea

    Portion out the amount of tea you'd like using a spoon or measuring device. (Standard serving is 2 teaspoons.)

    Boil water.

    We recommend using less water per tea for more potency, more water per tea for less potency.


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