Who are we?

We Are Bottoms Up.

We are Bottoms Up, a Canadian-based company focusing on health and wellness products.



Bottoms Up was established February 14th, 2019 by Troy Anderson and Michael Van Der Est, husbands and entrepreneurs (pictured, 1st photo). Topher Drew (pictured, 2nd photo) joined the operation officially on September 26, 2019 after months of work as the company's brand ambassador. Topher is now an Owner and serves dual roles as Bottoms Up's Executive Vice President and Social Media Manager.


Bottoms Up is dedicated to making products that enhance people’s lives, mainly through the use of aloe, cajeput, and other wonderful essential oils. We offer products that deliver on a range of benefits: arousal, pain relief, productivity, happiness and restful sleep.


As of September 1st, 2020, we have passed 1190 orders, sold 2,500 products, and made C$92,000 in revenue. We have a fast growing social media presence (Follow us on Facebook and Twitter) and have expanded our reach globally.

We look forward to the future, and we’re overjoyed to share our variety of pleasure, productivity, happiness and restful sleep products with the world!




Troy, Michael and Topher - Owners, Bottoms Up