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Butt Butter XL Gold Edition

Butt Butter XL Gold Edition

C$90.00 Regular Price
C$65.00Sale Price

Butt Butter XL Gold Edition takes Butt Butter - our incredible do-it-all haircare, skincare, and sexcare product - and increases the strength and potency to 200%.

We know you'll go nuts for Butt Butter XL Gold Edition.
Use it on your skin, use it in your hair, use it before, during, and after sex!

Enjoy it today for only $50.91 (C$65)!

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    The conversion rate is 1 CAD = .74 USD, so you're paying roughly 3/4 of the dollar amount listed.

  • Price In American Dollars

    C$65 = ~$50.91 in American Dollars

  • How to Use Butt Butter

    Unscrew the cap. Gently squeeze the sides of the bottle and pour to disperse fluid. 


    BB may be used in the following ways:


    • Apply to your face to use as a facial moisturizer

    • Apply to your skin daily as a moisturizer

    • Apply to your hair in the shower to condition

    • Apply to damaged skin tissue or scarring to reduce/heal

    • Apply to genital areas before, during, and after sexual contact to increase arousal, increase blood flow, decrease pain sensations, and protect skin from damage during contact

  • Ingredients

    Main Ingredients:

    Purified BC mountain water

    Organic fractionated coconut oil

    Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract

    Aloe Vera gel

    Horny Goat Weed extract

    Vitamin E

    Avocado oil

    Blue Monkey oil

    Guava Extract

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