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RHR 4 Gold Edition

RHR 4 Gold Edition

C$40.00 Regular Price
C$35.00Sale Price

The RHR is one of our most popular products, with hundreds of first gen RHRs selling after we launched. Then came the RHR 2, with a stronger formula and a redesigned texture. Then RHR 3 came along and blew our previous sales records out of the water.

Now, we're incredibly proud to announce RHR 4 Gold Edition, our strongest roller yet!

Try it for $27.57 (C$35).


  • Currency Conversion

    All prices are listed in CANADIAN DOLLARS, so if you're purchasing in American Dollars, your items are cheaper than you think.

    The conversion rate is 1 CAD = .74 USD, so you're paying roughly 3/4 of the dollar amount listed.

  • Price In American Dollars

    C$35 = ~$27.57 in American Dollars

  • How to Use the RHR

    Unscrew the cap, revealing the metal ball-point tip. Roll the tip gently over the skin until the oil is dispersed. Apply to the penis to increase arousal and blood flow. Apply to the nipples or anus to increase sensitivity. May be used anywhere on the body.


    RHR oils are safe to eat.

  • Ingredients

    Main Ingredients:

    Organic coconut oil

    Horny Goat Weed extract

    Peppermint essential oil

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