Sleepy Time Tea, the MJPR, our new Mini-Fizzies, and our standard size Pain Relief Fizzies come together to create an unbeatable new Ultimate Bath Pack!

You already know about our Sleepy Time Tea, that potent brew that's sure to relax you and ease you into a restful sleep.

You know about our MJPR, the Muscle & Joint Pain Roller, the first of its kind. Its healing and pain relieving powers are well documented now.

You know about our standard size Pain Relief Fizzies, about the pain relieving magic of a bath taken with the PRF.

Now we're happy to present to you: Mini-Fizzies! 

We've taken the Pain Relief Fizzy formula, added in hints of Lemon and Eucalyptus, and miniaturized them for a smaller, concentrated dose of pain relief!

Try the Ultimate Bath Pack - which includes 1 Sleepy Time Tea, 1 MJPR, 5 Mini-Fizzies and 2 Pain Relief Fizzies - for C$30, or only $22.85 in American Dollars.

Ultimate Bath Pack (Sleepy Time Tea + MJPR + Mini-Fizzies + Pain Relief Fizzies)

C$40.00 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price
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