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As our sales have exploded, 4 of our flagship products have consistently remained our Top 4. 

So we decided to update our Top Sellers Bundle to include the best-selling Butt Butter, all for a $20 discount!

Enjoy your choice of 1 Motor Oil, 1 Dip Stick, 1 of our brand new Butt Butters, and 1 RHR 2 (total retail value $109) for $89!
1 Motor Oil - Choose between T-Infused (THC - most popular), C-Infused (CBD) or Original (Water Based)
1 Dip Stick - Choose between T-Infused, C-Infused or Original (Water Based)

1 Butt Butter - Contains 350mg of THC, Aloe Vera, Vitamins and essential oils 
1 RHR 2 - Contains 300mg of THC

NOTE: You must select your Motor Oil + Dip Stick combo before you add this item to your cart. If you do not make a selection before adding to cart, we will ship our standard version of the Top Sellers Bundle, which includes a T-Infused Motor Oil + T-Infused Dip Stick + the RHR 2.

Top Sellers 2: Butt Bundle!

SKU: 0005
Select your Motor Oil/Dip Stick (REQUIRED)