Motor Oil is our legendary flagship product.


Prepare to have your sex life taken to earth-shattering new heights with Motor Oil: the lube that never messes or misses. Try it today!


It is lightweight, long lasting and remarkably smooth.


This multi-aphrodisiac blend is formulated to enhance tactile sensation & pleasure while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness. We've added Ginseng and Guarana Extracts to heighten blood flow and sensitivity, as well as extracts of Aloe Vera and Oat to minimize irritation and help repair damaged tissues and cells.

The final product is independently tested for purity, ensuring that it's free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins. Our farm uses sustainable practices to enhance soil & protect local watersheds.

Paraben-free. Unscented. Unflavored. Non-toxic.

Try it today for C$10, which is ~$7.47 in American Dollars.

Motor Oil

SKU: 0001
C$20.00 Regular Price
C$10.00Sale Price
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    The conversion rate is 1 CAD = .74 USD, so you're paying roughly 3/4 of the dollar amount listed.

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