Introducing the Mini Bundle, a mix of 9 of our most popular store items.
Just enough for a taste - or two or three - of each incredible item!

Try the best of everything we make, all bundled together for the first time in sample sizes, for just $22.99 (C$30).

Included In The Bundle:

10ml of Motor Oil Gold Edition in the Mini Dip Stick (100mg) 
10ml of Butt Butter Gold Edition in the Mini Butt Butter (100mg)

10ml of Muscle & Joint Pain Lotion in the Mini MJPL (100mg)

1 full-size RHR 4 Gold Edition (4 ounces, 625mg)

2 Mini-Fizzies (1 ounce, 25mg each)

2 pre-bagged servings of Uncle Herb's Breakfast, Sleepy Time and Chai Teas (75mg per serving)

Mini Bundle

C$40.00 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price
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