Our Bath Fizzies have been a huge success since their initial launch last year. We've recently added the potent new Pain Relief Fizzy, a pink Black Raspberry Vanilla Fizzy, and a yellow Pineapple Mango Fizzy to the bunch, and in doing so, we are also providing this fabulous new All Fizzies + Mini Fizzies Bundle, so that you can get 1 of each variety of Fizzy for a discount!

Our new Bath Fizzies come in 7 incredible varieties:
- Blue Raspberry

- Citrus Explosion

- Green Melonade

- Purple Haze

- Black Raspberry Vanilla

- Pineapple Mango

- Pain Relief


They are 2x as strong as our original Bath Bombs!


Mini-Fizzies: Thanks to the overwhelming success of our standard size Bath Fizzies and our Pain Relief Fizzy, we decided to give our customers a smaller dose of the magic they love! We've replicated the formula of the Pain Relief Fizzies and added Lemon and Eucalyptus, in a smaller package, for a fraction of the price!


Sometimes you don't need the full power of the standard size Pain Relief Fizzy. When a quick dose of pain relieving magic is all you need, try our Mini-Fizzies! Pop one or two in the bath as needed!

Try the new All Fizzies + Mini-Fizzies Bundle for just $43.62 (C$55) today!

All Fizzies + Mini-Fizzies Bundle

C$70.00 Regular Price
C$55.00Sale Price
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